Women in Engineering

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Vast studies have been done to obtain an insight on women in engineering, science and technology as a whole. Statistics in our country, Kenya, shows that the population of women in the country is equally as much as that of men. As in the past, the major challenge to the progress of women in engineering as a whole was that there continues to be a relatively small number of women in engineering.

Given that the population of women in Kenya is about 50.3%, there should be equally as many women in engineering as men. Surprisingly, only 3.2% of all registered engineers and 7% of the graduate engineers are women. This happens to be not just local, but a worldwide predicament. The percentage of female engineers in Latvia is roughly 30%, 28.6% in Cyprus, 21% in Turkey and 8.7% in the U.K .But why is the number of women drastically low…

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