Prepare for the future you want

Many people dream of success, but only a few achieve the level of success they want. The future belongs to those who dare to prepare for it. As much as we seem to be uncertain about our futures, the decisions we make now will influence the future.

Setting a goal is not enough if you do not make preparations on how to achieve them.

There are many ways to prepare yourself towards the future you desire. Some people call it planning, others are not even aware of it, but I call it preparation.

First, Develop relevant skills.

skillsToday, systems changing very fast and so it’s very easy to find yourself out of skills that matter. It is, therefore, important to identify the skills you need before setting out to fulfill your goals. Learning to educate yourself is the first step towards developing skills. Current technology has made available numerous platforms for education. Sometimes, the skill you need is just a click away. Above all, anyone can learn a new skill, so there is no room for self-pity and intimidation

Second, Follow a good leader.

The people who mentor you are likely to influence your decisions regarding your career choices. For this reason, you must follow great people who will set you on a desirable path. I mean, who wants to look back at their life and wonder what wrong turn they took. The life stories of great leaders all over the world provide many generations with inspiration towards real leadership. In the Enemy Called Average, John Mason mentions that “you are likely to learn more from a wise man when he is wrong than a fool who is right.”

Third, Assess your progress.

Keeping track of your progress is important as you can identify your weak points and improve on them. As it is always said, “the road to success has many obstacles.” As an individual, you need to learn and understand your ways. Some actions will bring failure upon you and others will yield desirable progress. Try to think of a farmer who plants a vineyard. Let us assume that he or she has several grape vines and is expecting a good harvest out of them. A wise farmer will keep observing the trees and monitor the progress of each vine. In case one of them catches an infection or starts to dry out, the farmer will quickly notice and take the necessary precautions to restore their healthy state. Just like the farmer, one should learn to monitor their progress to identify weak points and drawbacks. That way, you can maintain focus on your set goals without fear.

About the Author:
Ms. Brenda Nyakoa is an Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduate with a passion for technology and knowledge. Brenda aspires to inspire the use of technology to eradicate poverty in Africa


3 thoughts on “Prepare for the future you want

  1. Nice one dear it’s so inspiring to see and learn from one of our own. Makes success look much more attainable. Thumbs up.


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