Essential Components for effective mentor-ship relationships

My journey to success has just begun. Maybe this journey began subconsciously, with the mind refusing to acknowledge its existence and yet, contributing to a percentage of my current success. I am a strong believer in having a life purpose and a dream. A big DREAM. Finding this purpose may be clear to many but is a daunting odyssey for me. Some days I wake up with a clear vision of my direction in life, and then other days, my sand castle crumbles before my eyes. Can you relate to occasional self-doubt? Do you sometimes wish you could stay in your comfort zone and still succeed in life? Who set standards for success anyway? What is success to you? This is why mentorship is important.Read More »

Why I still choose engineering

Letter addressed to my form four leaver self:

Dear Keziah,

I vividly remember my first day in campus. If we had met a week before 4th May that year, you would laugh at me if I told you that I was going to enrol for an engineering course. Well, that is a story for another day but here I am and I keep on thinking, what would I tell my first year self? This may sound clich√© but the only reason I chose engineering was because I was confident that I was a bright student. Yes I am. In my family, engineering, medicine, architecture and similar careers are expected on passing your exams. I do not regret enrolling for engineering, infact, I have grown to enjoy it. So if I could go back, what pep-talk would I give myself? Here goes:¬†Read More »